...So you’ve decided that you want to play roller derby...but do you know the importance of USARS and WFTDA?  Here are just a few things you should know when checking out the roller derby organizations in your area:

USARS (USA Roller Sports) is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the US governing body for speed skating, figure stating, roller derby, rink hockey and inline hockey.  USARS is not an insurance company but is required to carry insurance on all of the clubs, athletes, coaches and officials that are members.  Make sure any roller derby organization you join is a member of USARS.  Without USARS, if you’re injured while playing derby, you’ll be responsible for 100% of the costs of your injuries.  Your team should have a member who will take care of your USARS registration and help you with the forms.  Complete your USARS paperwork and return it to your club officer(s) quickly--you are not covered until you have paid for your membership!  Later, you will receive a USARS card that you should take with you whenever you travel to special events in other areas, or you may be required to purchase a day pass to cover you while you are at the event.

WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) is the International governing body for women’s flat track roller derby.  WFTDA leagues agree upon the rules that will be adhered to for the playing of roller derby.  If the club you are interested in is not a full WFTDA league or a WFTDA apprentice league they should still be working on WFTDA skills with the goal being becoming a WFTDA league.  This guarantees that you will have standardized rules and other leagues to bout.  WFTDA also provides insurance for the leagues underneath it.

Anyone wanting to skate with NPBT must sign a simple waiver for tryouts, and cannot become a member of the team until they fully register with USARS...for their own safety!  

Check out the links provided on this web site for more in-depth information on both USARS and WFTDA and make sure you are fully informed when heading out on the awesome adventure of learning roller derby.  Derby love!!

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